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My Dear Fellow Americans,

My name is Raji Rab. I am a seasoned aviator, educator, and an entrepreneur, but above all, I am a humanitarian. Professionally, at the age of 18, I graduated with my commercial pilot license from Laverne, California. Thereafter, I became a flight instructor, moved up as chief pilot, owned and operated a flight school, an airline and a computer infrastructure facility. Personally, I have served a lifetime finding happiness in helping people without any compensation, earning the respect of all in the San Fernando Valley. Unlike other candidates, who only appear during election season, I am the only candidate that meets and helps people all year round, the best natural qualification to run for any political office.  I cherish eventful experiences, of over 35 years. My son graduated from USC and serves as a Doctor. My daughter graduated from CSUN and serves at a mental health agency, helping the homeless. I see worsening living conditions, drugs & homelessness on the rise, with no new jobs, no affordable housing and absence of both accountability and leadership. I entered the political arena, took leadership, and ran for U.S. Congress, to fight your fight for your rights, for your future and to uphold values of election integrity, that I personally fought in 2018 all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. My life  filled with professional and personal accomplishments, stands evidence of delivering results.  I believe that as important as it is for our government to oversee the working of the people, it is just as important for the people, to oversee the working of our government. I will create new better paying jobs and remove burdensome regulations. I stand for public safety, compete in righteousness, fight poverty, remove harsh fees, penalties and protect constitutional rights. I will bring relief, peace and prosperity. I will set our next generation on a winning path, be a role model and a champion for humanity. I will address homelessness, better healthcare and welfare. I will pursue student debt free programs. I will promote trade and business opportunities. I will upgrade recreation and parks, support clean environment and cleanup of Santa Susana Field Lab nuclear contamination. I will meet with the victims of Aliso Canyon and welcome advanced options. I will stop corruption to regains public trust. I will never cause sexual abuse to take place in our district office, unlike in the past where thousands of dollars were spent on sex abuse settlements from public tax money. We are blessed with the rights of equal opportunity. I will preserve these rights, with peace and advancement. It is in this noble cause that I am running for the office of the LA City Council District 12 to serve, asking for your vote in the special election on June 4, 2019.  We may have different opinions, but together we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Your vote for me can change everything for the better. Your endorsement matters to me most. You decide the election result and not special interest endorsements. Vote for me because I stand on merits. I care, I can, and I will serve you better.

Thank you,

Raji Rab