Open Letter to LA RR/CC regarding Election fraud




June 9, 2019

My Dear Friends, Voters and Supporters,

Upon past few days of survey and review with the actual voters and votes cast in my favor the total number of votes received is 9,845. It is unbelievable that a fraud of such caliber can be orchestrated.  I am fighting for election integrity to give control of the election back to the people. The opposition forces are bashing my efforts, with vulgar language on FB & Instagram, trying to stop me. But I like Michele Obamas words, "When they go low we go high."

The Election was rigged, number of my votes have purposely been kept very low and my position has been kept last to tarnish my good reputation. This in retaliation to my taking LA RRCC to U.S. Supreme court and putting fraud on the record. Everyone knows me for years and my popularity value in the valley and in 12th District is very high. labeling me as the last in this race is to make a mockery out of election integrity.

I was expecting vengeful retaliatory tactics. But I had no idea they will go so low. The functions I attended in the last 30 days before the election all had gatherings of a minimum of 300 people. Thousands of people voted for me. Which under the survey has now come to a preliminary total of 9,845 votes. Whereas the election results are shocking to all. People have lost trust in the LA election system. Especially all those who went in large groups and numbers to vote for me. People of all ages, families, young and old, men and women went out to vote for me. Some very old people said this was the first time they had voted because they wanted to vote for me.

But election results have shaken up everybody with disbelief and distrust. People are careful. They look at the past and character of the person. People want to vote for a proven, clean role model not with one with no business experience or stigma. But there is no end to corruption. Those in power since long will do anything to steal an election or manipulate one with special interests. Corruption is playing a center role in this election with non-profits, for profits developers and every other special interest to mix money into politics.

Under the rule California Elections Code Sec.15360 I went to observe the 1% public manual tally at LA RRCC a few days ago none of the candidates were there. I was the only candidate and the only person from the public present, but the 1% Manual Tally was not done as if it did not matter at all. I was told that it would be done by themselves later and laws were violated. This election has turned so  desperately into a selection where LA RRCC has become a totalitarian establishment, taking sides, manipulating, playing God's role in choosing candidates and deciding election results. In view of huge public uproar rejecting unbelievable election results, I have challenged the bogus election results. It is the duty of those at the helm of election affairs to fully satisfy the voters and leave no stone unturned till this matter satisfies election integrity, clarity, and transparency.

People, please join me in this movement. I will fight on for the truth, for your rights, and for your future. Thank you.



June 6, 2019

Pursuant to California Election Code Section 15360 for the 1% Manual Tally, I went with my staff to LA RR/CC office in Norwalk, Ca to witness  the integrity of the 1% Manual Tally. We arrived at 7:45am and at 8:30am we were informed that the 1% Manual Tally was not ready to start till 10:00am. We were the only people representing the public to witness the 1% Manual Tally. At 10:00am 1% Manual Tally started with Senate District 33 but there was No election night results present to tally and to authenticate the validity of the audit. Therefore, no audit was conducted. We were informed that the ballots of the selected precincts in the draw were only being counted today and the manual tally will be done on another day in a different room, by themselves. I raised the question and concern of  public presence including myself. A senior official however said that they will inform us later the time and date when the 1% Manual tally under the law will be publicly conducted. We are keeping all options open in the wake of the  hundreds of people reaching out rejecting the false vote count. This to keep you updated with election integrity which has been a huge issue since long in Los Angeles, without any attention. I believe those in control will continue to abuse authority until a tidal wave of voters will outrun, root out and replace the outdated vote count system and end the corruption that plays the hidden role of king makers. 


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